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The Awakening

make your dreams your reality.

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Peter Mayer is a New York City writer for The Weekly Apple. He works constantly, even though it means neglecting his wife (Belinda) and their adopted daughter (Christie). He goes to work early gets back home very late at night, rarely getting the chance to even see his family.

Peter begins to have strange dreams. In these dreams, he sees a Man (Jesus) dressed in white. Different scenarios play out in these dreams, depicting the man in white living Peter's life but while the Man has the same job and family as Peter, He acts completely different. He spends time with His family and helps the needy.

Through these dreams, God speaks to Peter, and Peter, in return, begins to have a change of heart. He accepts Christ as his personal Savior. He loves his family. And he too, helps those in need. His life is changed so much, that he finds himself wondering how his life would have ended without this divine encounter.

Starring Joseph Z. Guice, Sondra Hunt, Hailey Reid, Tim McCarren, Ratnesh Dubey, Diodato Grisi, Mosunmola Modupe, Ifeoluwa Arabambi, Illeri Arabambi, Kemi Akinfenwa
Produced by Egbe Ode, Samuel Omole  Written by Justin Grant, Samuel Omole  Directed by Samuel Omole

SexNo sexual references
LanguageNo bad language
ViolenceNo violence
DrugsNo drug use or references
NudityNo Nudity
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