Blossoms of Faith

feed your faith and starve your doubts

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Inspired by a True Story
Betsy McLean is a young single mom who lost her husband to cancer. She is left with their two daughters "Leslie and Lucy" and her sister Maria who has been her support through this challenging times. After much convincing from her sister, Betsy decides to fall in love again when she meets Arthur who is patient and understands her. 

Twenty-three days before their wedding, her sister "Maria" suffers a stroke and is hospitalized. This leaves Betsy distraught as she is told that her sister needs to be taken off life support. She loses faith and decides to call off her wedding also blaming God for the suffering she has to endure. 

While dealing with all these, a young girl at the hospital who has Hodgkin Lymphoma helps Betsy rediscover her faith and the courage needed to overcome the trials she currently faces. 

Faith, Love, Joy, I'm not Ashamed, God's not dead, Faith works, Fireproof

Starring Kelly Madan, Tracy Coffey, Dejan Jelaca, Christopher Dawson, Brielle Raddi, Faith Rosalie-Dunn, Maria DiBello, Stephanie Alvarez, Andre Herzegovitch
Produced by Egbe Ode, Samuel Omole  Written by Patricia White  Directed by Samuel Omole

  • Inspired Faith Film Festival | Best Film Middy Category
  • Great Lakes Film Festival | Official Selection
  • Christian Film Festival | Official Selection
  • Christian Film Festival | Best Short Film

SexNo sexual references
LanguageNo bad language
ViolenceNo violence
DrugsNo drug use or references
NudityNo Nudity
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Released 2016
Genre Drama
Rentals Last 24 hours
Runtime 00:44:47
Date Limits Starts 12/15/2016